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We offer a unique secondary school experience for students with a high interest in the arts. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, we provide an enriched high school experience for all students. Students take special courses that illuminate the connections between all of the Arts. They also have an opportunity to focus their study on one particular art form with other students who have a gift for that form and a keen desire to work, play and learn in that art form.
The aims of the program include: the creation of a safe and positive learning environment for students with artistic gifts, the enrichment of learning in all subjects through arts based teaching/learning strategies, the development of transferable skills acquired through Arts education, career awareness and career preparedness for Arts students in any field of employment.

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1009 Armour Road
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 7H2
705 743 5230 ext. 176

Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School Est.1990

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