Some Things to Consider For Your Interview

The Visual Arts Portfolio: Do’s & Don’ts


  • bring 10-12 works
  • choose a variety of media (colour, black and white, drawings, paintings, prints, photos, sculpture, ceramics etc.)
  • choose work that is most recent
  • try to include a variety of subjects (portraits, landscape, still life, patterns and shapes)
  • try to include a variety of media (pencil, charcoal, conte, oil and chalk pastels, ink, coloured pencils, paint, clay, any other sculpture materials)
  • try to include a piece with some shading, and a piece using a simple outline
  • other pieces can be creative and experimental 


  • bring more than 12 pieces; time is limited
  • bring work from early elementary grades
  • try to avoid making drawings on lined, three-ring paper
  • apologize for your art; we love to look at young people’s works and look forward to enjoying what you have prepared for the Integrated Arts Interview



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