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The Personal Scrapbook   

   Part of the application process asks that you prepare a personal scrapbook. We are interested in learning about you. The scrapbook (a book, folder, creative package of any kind) is a place where you may collect momentos acknowledging various academic accomplishments/awards and extra-curricular involvement. Through your scrapbook, we can identify your ability to be committed to the Arts Program through evidence of your experiences in the arts. The scrapbook does not have to contain arts only; for instance, you may share with us your accomplishments in a wide range of activities. Sharing the scrapbook is a way for the PIA staff to get to know you 'at a glance'.

Some Suggestions to Include in Your Scrapbook

  Recent artwork

  Creative writing
  Certificates of accomplishment
  Programs from plays or recitals (that you’ve been in and/or that you’ve seen)
  Evidence of involvement in leadership opportunities in the community and in school
  Sports accomplishments  

Please find samples in the PHOTO GALLERY                            

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