Here's how to apply...

  1. fill out an application from our website
  2. complete a Parent Nomination Form 
  3. get two teacher references (plus one from your Music teacher if you are applying for Music)
  4. prepare a personal scrapbook to bring to the interview on January 31, 2020
  5. submit the application by the due date (January 24, 2020)
  6. (you can also submit a paper copy of your application ~ see the link on our homepage, PDF Application Form)


Read the letter to Grade 8 Students here...

September, 2019

Dear Grade Eight Student:

You may have heard about the Integrated Arts Program from a teacher, friend or relative. Perhaps this letter is your first introduction to the idea of spending your high school career in a program that focuses on the arts. If so, it's time to start thinking about this possibility and how to best prepare yourself for the admission/application process. We believe that all Grade 8 students in Peterborough County, no matter what school they now attend, have the right to know that they can choose what high-school to attend. PIA is one of the choices you have!

What is the Peterborough Integrated Arts (PIA) Program?

It is a special program for high school. 
Students like you, with a real interest in the arts, can work with other like-minded students in a school program that concentrates on the arts.  The grade nine program introduces you to the concept of Integrated Arts through a special course that explores connections between the arts. You'll specialize in one discipline of Drama, Music, Dance or Visual Arts.  All Integrated Arts students spend their first two years in the program with courses in their major area of study (or stream), but also have the opportunity throughout high school to broaden their choices by selecting courses in other areas of arts study. Because we have so many students who sign up for credits in the arts, we are able to offer Guitar, Dance, Ceramics, Vocal Music, Photography, Musical Theatre, Fashion Arts, Film Studies and many more!  We have access to computer labs where we explore a wide range of technology ~ video, podcasting, computer graphics and design and new media.

How To Learn More About the Program and the Application Process

1. You and your family are invited to attend an Open House and Information Session on November 26, 2019 in the TAS Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.  Information about the program, as well as performances and presentations from students in the program, will be on the agenda. At this time families will have all their questions answered.

2. Part of the application process asks that you prepare a personal scrapbook. We are interested in learning about you. The scrapbook (a book, folder, creative package of any kind) is a place where you may collect mementos acknowledging various academic accomplishments/awards and extra-curricular involvement. Through your scrapbook, we can identify your ability to be committed to the Arts Program through evidence of your experiences in the arts. The scrapbook does not have to contain arts only; for instance, you may share with us your accomplishments in a wide range of activities. Sharing the scrapbook is a way for the PIA staff to get to know you 'at a glance'.

Some Suggestions to Include in Your Scrapbook

Recent artwork

Creative writing
Certificates of accomplishment
Programs from plays or recitals (that you've been in and/or that you've seen)
Evidence of involvement in leadership opportunities in the community and in school
Sports accomplishments                                                                              

3. As a Grade 8 student, you will receive a reminder from your teacher about the PIA program in the Fall. If you should decide to proceed with your application, you will:

  • fill out an Application Form from our website
  • get your parent or guardian to complete a Parent Nomination Form 
  • get two Teacher References (plus one from your music teacher if you are applying for Music)
  • prepare a personal scrapbook to bring to the interview on January 31, 2020
  • submit the application by the due date, January 24, 2020

After we receive your application, you will get a call from the guidance department to arrange an interview and master class. Every applicant is granted an interview and opportunity to participate in the master class. Interviews and Master Classes will be held January 31, 2020, so please keep that date open. Weather date is February 8, 2020. You will be contacted by guidance for an interview.


  • Visit our website  to view the application package.
  • Come to the Open House & Information Session in the TAS Auditorium November 26, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m. in our auditorium
  • Participate in Be An IA 4 a Day  December 3, 2019 Register by November 29, 2019  

Please call the Integrated Arts Department with inquiries at 743-5230 ext 176.

Sincere regards,

Susie Clarke
Co-ordinator of Integrated Arts
Peterborough Integrated Arts Program
Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School


All students are asked to participate in a Master Class in their selected discipline on January 31, 2020. Register between 8:30 and 9:00. The Master Class will run from 9:00 until 11:00. Each student applicant will have a 10 minute interview on the afternoon of Friday, January 31, 2020.
Music & Drama applicants are to prepare a short piece of approximately 1 minute. Samples of monologues are available at this site (  Applicants may choose another piece if they prefer. 
All Visual Art applicants are to prepare a portfolio of approximately 10 works and will be asked to speak about the merits of two specific works in their portfolio. 
Dance applicants are to prepare a short (1minute) dance solo in any style. They should bring along a recording of their music (CD or digital file, or on iPod or phone with a connection jack we can connect to a speaker system).

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