Applying to the Program

  1. When is the application deadline?

    Applications are due on January 19, 2018.

  2. What must be included in the application?

    1. Two recommendations from Grade 8 teachers. These can be completed online.

    2. A recent (small) photograph of you.

    3. A cheque for the $15.00 application fee. (Those in financial need may request access to the Pay it Forward Fund)

    4. The Application form itself (available on-line or in printable PDF)

    5. The Parent Nomination Form. (can be completed online or in printable PDF)

    6. If applying to Music, a teacher referral from a Music teacher, school or private (can be completed online or in printable PDF).

  3. What happens on the interview day?

    Student applicants will be called in advance. They will attend a Master Class starting at 9:00 (with registration starting at 8:30) on a Saturday morning with other applicants. Students have a chance to participate in activities related to the discipline in which they have applied.

    Interviews with individual students follow the master class beginning at around 11:30. Each interview takes ten minutes. This is when you share your personal scrapbook and talk about it.

    The interview day is January 27, 2018

  4. What is parent information night?

    Parents and students interested in the program attend an information session. This year it will be held on November 29, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the TAS auditorium. Staff share information about the program. Student groups perform and present some examples of the work done in the program.

    The evening lasts about one hour and thirty minutes. If you have questions that can't be answered on the web site, ask them in the 'Contact Us' page.

  5. Can I apply for more than one area of study?

    Students are asked to apply to ONE area of study only; however, they are encouraged to let us know if they have an interest in a second area when they apply. Should there be openings available, students MAY be contacted about auditioning/applying for their alternate area of interest. Students are encouraged to apply for the area of study (drama/dance/music/visual arts) that best suits their skills and interests.

  6. What instruments can I apply to play in music? Does vocal count as music?

    ANY instrument you may play will be honoured during the application process for the the program. We have had students who play harp, bagpipes, percussion, all band and string instruments and vocalists. Students will be expected to expand their own repertoire by exploring other instruments if accepted to the program. Students who do not play a traditional band instrument must make arrangements to bring their own instrument to the audition (piano and drums excluded) and must realize they will be expected to learn a band instrument in their daily music class if accepted to the program.  

  7. What do teachers look for in applicants?

    We are looking for creative students who:

    have a passion for the arts

    want to explore the arts in depth

    can commit energy and talent

    enjoy spending time with peers who share the same interests

    want to meet professional artists

    want to be challenged through an enriched arts program

    want to learn about the connections between the arts

    want to use the arts as a method of learning in other subjects

  8. Is there a bus for my child?

    Yes, within Peterborough County. There is transportation provided for any student living more than 3.2 km from TAS. Busing lasts for the entire time the student attends in the Arts Program. The busing is limited to the Peterborough County area. Students from outside the county may be accepted into the program provided that parents assume responsibility for transportation. 

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What the program involves

  1. Will University, College or workplace destinations be affected?

    Graduates of the program will have completed secondary school credits just like anyone else. They can go on to any post-secondary destination just like anyone else. Our guidance counsellors are great at explaining all of these options to students throughout their high-school years.

  2. Do I still get to choose my optional courses?

    Yes - except in Grade 9, where students have already selected to take an arts discipline and are required to take Integrated Arts as a credit. Students do select their own options. They are required to take two arts credits (or arts related credits such as Fashion Design) in each of their four years in the program. Many students return for a free fifth year or extra semester to take additional courses that interest them. This is true of students in our program and in the regular student population.

  3. Am I with the same students all the time?

    Yes and No. PIA students are together for their arts courses in Grade 9 and 10 but are integrated with other students in other subjects during the rest of their day. Students may be taking academic, applied or locally developed credits, and options vary widely beyond grade 9.

  4. Can I switch from one stream to another once I'm accepted?

    Not in your first two years. Students are expected to take their FOCUS courses in both grade 9 and 10 but are free and encouraged to take additional arts courses in other areas of study. In rare cases students can switch focus, but since the courses are usually full, this can only happen if another student has left the program.

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The PIA program at TAS

  1. Will the facilities at TAS be sufficient for the arts program's needs?

    Yes. The KPR Board has upgraded the facilities to ensure that all the needs of the program are met at TAS. There is a  new dance studio with attached change rooms, a newly designed art room complete with a dark room, a sculpture studio, an additional drama room, a Fashion Arts room and more. The existing rooms and auditorium have newly upgraded equipment . We are attempting to create a state-of-the-art facility for an arts program. 

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