Integrated Arts student Rachel Smith addresses guests at Parent Information Night December 4th

Posted by cydnee hosker on January 5, 2015 at 9:55 PM

Good evening everyone.



I am a graduate of the Integrated Arts Program and have returned to TAS this year for my victory lap. I first found out about the program when I was in grade 6. I have always been a student fortunate enough to have goals and know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a filmmaker.



When I started my Integrated Arts journey in grade 9 I knew that I was about to embark upon something really special, what I didn't expect was to somehow become part of a family. I got accepted into the program for Visual Art. Although I was the Valedictorian in grade 8 and was confident in my artistic abilities, I was still a shy turtle that liked to hide in my shell. The Comprehensive Arts course really cracked through this shell of mine. You've got to imagine 100 kids sitting in the same large room as you. You're all a bit scared and nervous but you all have one thing in common - the eagerness to create. It's a powerful thing when over 20 students from each art stream collaborate together to create something beautiful. In this course we are shown a variety of perspectives from each art form and the relationships between them.



But of course this was only the beginning. My passion for the arts and support from my Integrated Arts community helped me step outside of my comfort zone and explore all of the arts. In grade 10 I took my first Drama class. In grade 11 I took Visual Art, an open level Dance course and Musical Theatre discovering my love for stage management. In grade 12 I took Film Photography, Theatre in the Community and a university level Dance course realizing my ability to choreograph. This year I am taking Studio Art, Film Studies and have returned to the roots of my Integrated Arts journey, peer tutoring Comprehensive Arts.



Next year I hope to attend York University where I will be working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Film Production. The Integrated Arts Program has given me the ability to express myself, it has taught me about teamwork and above all it has given me confidence. I really hope you consider this program, it truly changes lives, I know it changed mine.




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