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The Peterborough Integrated Arts Program

Founded in 1990 at Peterborough Collegiate Vocational School as the PCVS Integrated Arts Program


What is the Integrated Arts Program?

The Peterborough Integrated Arts Program is an enrichment program of study in the Arts for Secondary School Students. The program has been established by the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board to meet the needs of students who have a special interest or talent in the Arts. These students have an opportunity to combine their graduation requirements with an integrated study of Arts including: Drama, Music, Visual Art, and Dance.

Students take special courses that illuminate the connections between all of the Arts. They also have an opportunity to focus their study on one particular art form with other students who have a gift for that form and a keen desire to work, play and learn in that art form.

The aims of the program include: the creation of a safe and positive learning environment for students with artistic gifts, the enrichment of learning in all subjects through arts based teaching/learning strategies, the development of transferable skills acquired through Arts education, career awareness and career preparedness for Arts students in any field of employment.


How do students know about the program?

There is a Parent Information Night well in advance of the application deadline. The program is also advertised in the media and all Elementary Schools in KPR are visited in the Fall by the co-ordinator of the program to share information with all grade 8 students and their teachers. 


How are students selected?

The program is open to all Grade 8 students in the Peterborough County area. Students submit an application form including recommendations from two Grade 8 teachers. They create a scrapbook that reveals their learning and interest in the Arts and other facets of their life and share it with a PIA Arts teacher in a brief interview. Students are selected based on the the elementary teacher recommendations, the interview and portfolio review/audition, participation in a "master class".


How is the program structured?

In Grade 9 students take Math, Science, Geography, French, English and Healthy Active Living with the other students at the school. They take their Arts Major (Art, Drama, Dance or Music) with other Integrated Arts students specializing in the same stream. Students also take a specially designed Integrated Arts course that brings students and teachers from all four majors together to explore interconnections from the point of view of their specialty and to allow students to experience all art forms and hoe they interrelate. Field trips, guest artists, special projects and team teaching are an important and essential part of the program.

In Grade 10 students continue to take all courses they need for graduation ? Math, Civics/Careers, History, Science ? with the students in the school who are not in the PIA program. They continue with their ?major? for a second year. They MUST take an additional Arts specialty course at the grade 11 level allowing them to specialize all year. This specifically, allows students to follow their passions and interests at an enriched level. Students may also begin to investigate other Arts using computer and video technology in our computer labs, take guitar, or select from a range of other options in all subject areas.

In Grade 11 and 12, (and even in a fifth year of high-school) students may specialize, diversify or further integrate their study of the Arts. They must continue to take two Arts in each year and may select a special multi-credit program like Musical Theatre (3 credits). There are also courses in Photography (digital and film), Ceramics, Vocal Music, Guitar, Dance, Communications Tech, Fashion Arts, or Co-operative Education related to the Arts. The TAS course calendar offers a complete list of course offerings.


Involvement in the Arts program allows students to prepare for ANY post-secondary destination. Upon completion, graduates earn a recognition certificate from the Integrated Arts Program.


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