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This is the online application form to join the Peterborough Integrated Arts (PIA)  Program beginning in Grade 9 in September. Please fill in all information and click submit. The form will be emailed to the PIA Program.  *NOTE - you may prefer to submit a written application.

Each application also requires two teacher referrals. These may be submitted on paper or via electronic forms in this web site. 

Please submit a recent photo of the student applicant (medium size jpeg.)  to  clhosker@gmail.com  OR  mail a recent small photo, and application fee of $15.00 (cheques payable to TAS) to PIA Applications, c/o Mr. Kelly Roberts, 1009 Armour Rd. North, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7H2. Please clearly mark the name of the student applicant on the cheque and picture. 

Course selections submitted on this form will only be activated upon acceptance into the program, but we do ask that you select courses while completing this application.

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French Immersion
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*Parent / Guardian #1
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The Program for Grade 9 will include all academic subjects necessary for students to begin their path to university or college with a full range of career choices in addition to one credit for Integrated Arts and one credit in an arts discipline. The Grade 9 PIA Program will consist of Mathematics, Geography, Science, French, English and Healthy, Active Living. In addition, all PIA students will take Integrated Arts and one of Dance / Drama / Music / Art. Please select the specific arts discipline that you would like to focus on, and to which you are applying. Please select a LEVEL of study for English
ENG 1D8 - Academic level
ENG 1P8 - Applied level
Please select a LEVEL of study for Science
SNC 1D1 - Academic level
SNC 1P1 - Applied level
SNC 1L1 - Locally developed
Please select a LEVEL of study for Math
MPM 1D1 - Academic level
MPM 1P1 - Applied level
MAT 1L1 - Locally developed
Please select a LEVEL of study for French
FSF 1D1 - Academic level
FSF 1P1 - Applied level
Please select a LEVEL of study for Geography
CGC 1D1 - Academic level
CGC 1P1 - Applied level
REPERTOIRE JAZZ ENSEMBLE (AMR 101)- this course is considered a 9th credit and will run one morning and one afternoon each week all year
Optional for music students only
How did you find out about the Integrated Arts Program?
Word of Mouth
Radio Adverstisement
Sibling Attends Program
TAS School Visit
Grade 8 Teacher
Website Information

To complete the application process, students still need to:
1. submit photo  (clhosker@gmail.com) 
2. submit $15 payable to PIA Program 
3. submit Parent Nomination Form

4. have teachers complete referrals (either on paper or electronically)
5. create a Personal Scrapbook
6. attend Master Class and Audition (with a prepared piece or art portfolio depending on the subject speciailty)

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